Our company can produce various types of oil casing pipe with the outer diameter range from 60.32 to 508mm, such as API 5CT J55, K55, N80, L80 and P110. In addition, we also manufacture different steel grades of the pipeline with its outer diameter range from 60.3 to 914.4mm in accordance with the API 5L standard. Our oil casing pipe mainly plays a role in supporting the whole oil well during the process of petroleum, natural gas or water transportation. We own the technical advantages and can well ensure the product quality.

Appearance and Characteristics
1. To meet the SY/T6194-96 standard, the domestic casing pipe can provide the unfixed length range from 8 to 13m. However, this product of no less than 6m can be also provided, the quantity of which is not allowed to exceed 20%.
2. Crease, hairline, separation, crack or scab can not appear on both internal and external surface of our product. These defects should be completely removed. The removed depth is not supposed to exceed 12.5% of the nominal wall thickness.
3. On the external surface of the coupling, there is also no crease, hairline, separation, crack, scab or other flaw.
4. The surface of both casing and coupling thread should be smooth, which is not allowed to contain the burr, tear, as well as other defects that will badly influence the close connection and the strength of the thread.