EUE Petroleum Tubing Coupling (External Upset End)

EUE Petroleum Tubing Coupling (External Upset End)

This EUE petroleum tubing coupling provides the minimum outer diameter of 77.80mm that is bigger than the outer diameter of the non upset threaded end product. Therefore, our product owns better resistance to impact and corrosion. When used for the tubing connection, it can be much safer.

The EUE petroleum tubing coupling has light weight with the minimum weight of 1.55kg and the maximum weight of 6.02kg. Customers can feel convenient to install and use it. Our product has undergone the manual thread inspection, the nondestructive coupling test, the surface paint spraying and other process, so it possesses reliable quality and can ensure the stability of the oil pipe connection.

Table 2
Tubing Size (inch) Tubing Outer Diameter (mm) Coupling Outer Diameter (mm) Shortest Length For Coupling (mm) Weight for Each Coupling (kg) Recommended Size for the Coupling (OD×W.T)
2-3/8 60.32 77.80 123.82 1.55 77.8×11.5
2-7/8 73.02 93.17 133.35 2.40 93.17×13
3-1/2 88.90 114.30 146.05 4.10 114.3×15.5
4 101.60 127.00 152.40 4.82 127×16
4-1/2 114.30 141.30 158.75 6.02 141.3×17

As a specialized EUE petroleum tubing coupling (external upset end) manufacturer and supplier in China, Yaosheng also provides API 5CT L80 petroleum steel tubing, structural seamless steel tube, Grade N80 steel casing tube, and more.

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