API 5CT L80 Petroleum Casing Pipe

API 5CT L80 Petroleum Casing Pipe

Our API 5CT L80 petroleum casing pipe pertains to the second group of steel grade in accordance with the API 5CT standard. It can be divided into three models, including L80-1, L80-9CR and L80-13CR. Among them, the latter two models can adopt air quenching process.

Main Specifications
MaterialL80, steel grade
Outer Diameter4 1/2"-20", (114.3-508mm)
Wall Thickness5.12-16.13mm
Thread TypeButtress thread casing, Long round thread casing, Short round thread casing
FunctionIt is used to protect the tubing pipe.
Basic Parameters
GroupSteel GradeTypeCarbonManganeseMolybdenumChromiumNickel





If our product adopts oil quenching process, the upper limit of the carbon content of L80 steel grade can be increased to 0.50%.

As we all know, the API 5CT L80 petroleum casing pipe is the lifeline to maintain the operation of the oil well. The geological conditions are different and the underground force state is extremely complicated. All kinds of force make the comprehensive effect on the pipe body, such as tensile force, pressure, bending force, and torsional stress. All these reasons highly demand for superior quality of the casing pipe. Once this product is damaged due to some kind of reason, it will be possible that the whole well may appear the output reduction or even become scrapped. Thus, we spare no effort to produce the best product to ensure the security of every well.

Yaosheng is a professional API 5CT L80 petroleum casing pipe manufacturer in China. The wide range of products we offer includes API 5CT L80 petroleum steel tubing, fluid transport seamless pipe, EUE petroleum tubing coupling (external upset end), etc.

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