Grade N80 Steel Casing Tube

Grade N80 Steel Casing Tube

This API 5CT grade N80 steel casing tube has basically the same parameters as the N80 tubing. However, the thread of our product can be divided into buttress type, long round type, short round type, VAM type and some others.

MaterialN80, steel grade
Outer Diameter4 1/2"-20", (114.3-508mm)
Wall Thickness5.12-16.13mm
Form of ThreadButtress thread casing, Long round thread casing, Short round thread casing
FunctionIt can protect the tubing pipe.

Our grade N80 steel casing tube has the same steel grade as the J55 type and the K55 type products. All of them belong to the first group of low steel grade. Our product can fall into N80-1 and N80-Q models. If our customer has no demand, there will be no flaw detection for the N80-1 type product. The following table shows the distinction between these two models from their appearance.

Steel Grade ClassificationPipe Body MarkColor of Coupling
N80 1 One red Entire Coupling Color Band
N80 Q One red, one bright green Red None
Red Green

Our company can provide the petroleum casing tube product with the wall thickness range from 5.12 to 16.13mm and the outer diameter range from 114.3-508mm. This oil casing tube is made of N80 steel that has great pressure resistance. Thus, it can be used for the oil well drilling process and can also support the wall of a well after the well completion, in order to ensure the normal operation of the whole oil well. The thread of our product and its coupling is specially processed, which has smooth surface without any burr, tear or other defects that may have a bad influence on both strength and close connection.

As a specialized Grade N80 steel casing tube manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide Grade J55 oilfield steel casing pipe, Grade P110 oil and gas tubing, and seamless steel boiler pipe, among others.

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