API 5CT K55 Oil Casing Pipe

API 5CT K55 Oil Casing Pipe

Our API 5CT K55 oil casing pipe utilizes the first group of relatively low steel grade, which is similar to the J55 type among all kinds of API 5CT standard petroleum casing pipes. This product is able to adopt seamless and electric welding process. Its heat treatment methods generally comply with the manufacturer selection or the order requirement. We can carry out full pipe body or full length of normalization, normalization plus tempering, or quenching plus tempering.

Materialk55, steel grade
Outer Diameter4 1/2"-20", (114.3-508mm)
Wall Thickness5.12-16.13mm
Form of ThreadButtress thread casing, Long round thread casing, Short round thread casing
FunctionIt can protect the tubing pipe.

This API 5CT K55 oil casing pipe contains the sulfur and phosphorus contents of respectively less than 0.030%. Its chemical and physical properties are basically similar to that of J55 type product. However, our product demands higher tensile strength than the J55 type. The minimum value is 95ksi.

Like the J55 type product, there is also a green bar sprayed on our API 5CT K55 oil casing pipe in appearance. The difference is that the coupling of J55 type product has an extra white bar. Our product mainly serves to protect the wall of a well and prevent the oil and gas from leakage. The paint on its surface can guard against the corrosion of pipe body.

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