API 5CT Oilfield Tubing

This API 5CT oilfield tubing serves to transport both crude oil and natural gas from oil and gas layer to the surface pipeline after drilling is completed. It is able to bear the pressure produced by the exploitation process. The outer surface of this product is coated with a protective layer. Then, the tubing is marked in accordance with the API 5CT standard and strapped with metal belt.

Our oilfield tubing can be widely applicable to petroleum, construction, shipbuilding, smelting, aviation, electric power, food, paper, chemical industry, medical equipment, boilers, heat exchangers, metallurgy and so on.

Detailed Specifications
StandardsAPI SPEC 5CT
Model in Common Use2-3/8", 2-7/8", 3-1/2", 4", 4-1/2"
Length RangeR1(6.10-7.32m), R2(8.53-9.75m), R3(11.58-12.8m)
Steel GradeJ55, K55, N80-1, N80-Q, L80, P110
Type of Screw ThreadNon upset threaded end(NUE), External upset threaded end(EUE)

Production Process
1. Hot rolling (extruding seamless steel pipe): Circular tube billet→ Heating→ Piercing→ Three-roller skew rolling, tandem rolling or extrusion→ Tube knockout→ Sizing (or tubing reduction) → Cooling→ Straightening→ Hydraulic test (or flaw detection) → Marking→ Entering warehouse
2. Cold drawing (rolling) seamless steel pipe: Circular tube billet→ Heating→ Piercing→ Rolling head→ Annealing→ Pickling→ Oil coating (copper plating)→ Multi-pass cold drawing (cold rolling)→ Tube billet→ Heat treatment→ Straightening→ Hydraulic test (flaw detection)→ Marking→ Entering warehouse

After the oil and gas well is built, the oilfield tubing can provide both oil and gas with a passageway. When the downhole pressure is not high enough, water can be injected into the well through the tubing. During the heavy oil thermal recovery process, the heat proof tubing is used to transport steam into the well. To improve the yield of the oil and gas well, the acidifying and fracturing medium or solids need to be conveyed into the stratum through the tubing.

This oilfield tubing can be classified as NUE type and EUE type. Its specifications include 1.9in(48.3mm), 2 3/8in(60.3mm), 2 7/8in(73.03mm), 3 1/2in(88.9mm), 4in(101.6mm), 4 1/2in(114.3mm) and so on. The depth of our product for descending the well is basically identical to that of oil casing pipe. Both mechanical property and sealing performance of this tubing are also required to correspond with the oil casing pipe. The commonly used steel grade includes J55, N80, C90, P110 and some others.

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