Grade N80 Oil Well Drilling Tube

Grade N80 Oil Well Drilling Tube

This grade N80 oil well drilling tube is made of 36Mn2V non-quenched and tempered steel. It shows extremely high strength, ductility and toughness, as well as high purity of steel material, especially when used in the harsh environments. With superior quality, the internal tube billet possesses the macrostructure level of no more than 2.5, both coarse and fine series nonmetallic inclusion grade of no more than 2.5, and the total inclusion grade of no more than 16.

Main Specifications
MaterialN80, steel grade
Outer diameter2 3/8"-4 1/2", (73.02-114.3mm)
Wall thickness4.83-16mm
Type of threadExternal upset tubing, Non upset tubing
FunctionIt serves to transfer oil and gas.

1. N80 36Mn2V Technological Process
50t electric arc furnace smelting→ LF refining→ VD vacuum degassing treatment→ 3-machine 3-strand alloy steel continuous casting machine (section of casting blank 260mm×300mm/180 mm×220mm)→ The continuous casting billet enters the pit for slow cooling.→ Rolling→ Fine grinding→ Straightening→ Inspection→ Packaging→ Entering warehouse

2. 36Mn2V steel chemical composition and internal control components
36Mn2V steel chemical composition/% as seen in Table 1
Description: The toxic trace elements of tube billet, such as As, Sn, Sb, Bi and Pb, respectively occupies no more than 0.020%. The oxygen atom accounts for no more than 20ppm.
36Mn2V steel internal control components/% as seen in Table 2
Internal control components0.34-0.380.25-0.351.5-1.60≤0.025≤0.015≤0.15≤0.20≤0.200.11-0.14

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