API 5CT J55 Oil Transfer Steel Tubing

API 5CT J55 Oil Transfer Steel Tubing

Our API 5CT J55 oil transfer steel tubing is mainly used for oil and gas recovery, water injection, as well as acidifying and fracturing in the oil well. The petroleum pipeline can be divided into tubing and casing. Their properties are basically identical. To provide high quality of our product, we ensure the diameter of the full length of each tube, and all our product is treated by hydraulic process. Moreover, we can also produce short section of oil casing with such length as 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12FT.

MaterialJ55, steel grade
Outer Diameter2 3/8"-4 1/2", (73.02-114.3mm)
Wall Thickness4.83-16mm
Forms of threadExternal upset, Non upset
FunctionIt is used to transfer oil and gas.
Steel GradeMaterialDelivery Status
J55 tubing37Mn5NUE tubingHot rolling replaces normalizing.
EUE tubingFull-length normalizing after thickening

In accordance with the delivery status, our J55 oil transfer steel tubing can be classified as NUE type and EUE type. The NUE type product adopts hot rolling instead of normalizing treatment, featuring high hardness and reliable performance. The full length of EUE type product is treated by normalizing process after being thickened, which can improve the mechanical properties and eliminate the stress. Furthermore, both plasticity and toughness can be increased. All these advantages make our product widely applicable to the oil well. To ensure the sealing performance of API tubing, our company also adopts hydraulic process.

Yaosheng is a professional API 5CT J55 oil transfer steel tubing manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide range of products, including Grade P110 oil and gas tubing, Grade N80 steel casing tube, fluid transport seamless pipe, and more.

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